Informations In Your Swim Book & Reason to Record Them

About swim book

As a swimmer, you might not be familiar with significance of your swim log, but there are valid reasons to have this book in your swimming bag an important part of swimming kit. YourSwimBook is the most essential tool for your efficient swimming performance through a swim log.

Informations to be recorded on swim log

Why swim log is a record of efficient performance? You record in swim log whatever practice, one or more, you do in a day and the time you spend on each practice. You can maintain swim log for different period. For instance, you may get 10-month log book to maintain this record for different number of practices you make in a day. You can also record most other important things of your swimming practice like distance travelled during each practice, type of swimming activity like butterfly, breast stroke, etc., and your effort levels in every practice. Moreover, you can record your stress levels in swimming workouts, sleep patterns for relaxation and more things you relate to your swimming activity.

Reasons to maintain swim log

The best way to have more knowledge about swim book is to visit the link There are multiple reasons to maintain yourswimlog. First, you can set your targets and goals in swimming performance and eliminate everything that interferes with achievement of your goals. Second, you can schedule your swimming practice based on efforts you need in your practice and devote best time for practice. Third, you can have better focus on your goals when you know where you are lacking behind and this helps to build better confidence. Fourth, you can have dominance over swimming activity with gradual improvement in performance (for a legal and safe performance boosting supplement, also known as CBD oil, check out Green Roads CBD oil. Finally, swim log is a great tool for pre and post swimming competition analysis.

Necessity of swim log

Swimming can be great career for you if you understand the significance of swim log and follow reasons to maintain this notebook for your swimming performance.

Things to do before picking a protein supplement

A protein supplement is one of the most popular ways of gaining mass quickly. You can see several proteinsupplements and the tons of brand promoting it. So apart from being easily available in the market, the consumer must have a very good knowledge about supplements before they are opting for one. There are few basic things which need to get checked before someone is picking the protein supplements and those are mentioned below:


  • If your supplements contain a lot of ingredients in it then you should surely avoid it. A supplement shouldn’t have more than 5 ingredients in it and if it contains saccharin, sucralose and aspartame then just drop that supplement. They are very unhealthy because they are part of the artificial sweeteners, which will make you gain some weight or face any kind of health issues. You should also avoid supplements which contain soy in it. These supplements help people in getting more protein, fat,and carbohydrate. So this is a good way to gain some weight if you are towards the skinny side. Make sure your protein supplement has 1-5 grams of fat, 1-5 grams of carbohydrate with 20-30 grams of protein.


  • You should always check the record of the supplement as well as the ratings given by the customer. The reputation of the brand is very important.


  • Always purchase a quality product and do not sacrifice it for lower prices. Cheap quality supplements will not only have some adverse effect on your health, but it won’t be efficient and so it will be a complete waste of money.


To know more you can visit or Saps. Here you will get a detailed information on how these supplements work. Always purchase them reputed sites to get genuine products.


What Are the Advantages of Using an HSA with Livelyme

A Health Savings Account is one of the most necessary amenities in the modern era. It is an efficient way of reducing your overall expenditure, decreasing taxes and paying your medical bills. If you want something similar for yourself, you can always visit But if you are not sure about the entire thing, here are some of the advantages that you will get to experience using this service.

More Benefits

Inherently, people who stay healthy tend to reap more benefits off of these deals. That is why if you do not have any major health issues, you will find that you will not have to pay anything extra. On the contrary, it is also quite easy even if you do suffer from any issue. Your medical bills are usually covered up by your insurance, thus allowing you to save more.

Future Health Expenses

Using services such as lively me for your medical bill coverage also ensures that you are able to save up for the future without having to worry about your present. There are plenty of options that allow you to do this, in a way that you can afford it. Health expenses are generally very costly, but the overall burden us reduced by quite a lot.

More Control

Having an option such as this also allows you to have more control over what you do with your body. This does not mean that you should get reckless in any way, but there is a lot of freedom available for you. You will know what to choose and what not to with respect to the effects of something on your body.

These are just a few of the benefits that you will get to experience if you resort to HAS. There are plenty more but overall, but the general idea that you need to be aware of is that there is a lot of choice. So do select what is best for you.

Interesting facts about online advertising

Since online advertising is a big deal in today’s time, why not learn certain interesting facts about it? If you want to surprise yourself with some fascinating facts about online advertising then you should definitely go through this article once. For the ones who are looking for ways to increase their website traffic can take help from

Facts to learn

Here are some of the interesting facts about online advertising that you need to know about.

  1. An advertisement that is put on the homepage of YouTube can actually cost you about $400,000. This particular ad has the potential to receive 63 million views every day.
  2. Twitter ad revenue is mainly dominated by tablets and mobile phones. It is estimated that around 63 % of Twitter’s ad revenue is generated from mobile devices.

traffic masters

  1. Did you know that Facebook takes and only around 5% of its total online Ad revenue?
  2. Near about 95% of Google ad revenue is generated from advertising.
  3. According to a survey it has been found that majority of the consumers prefer to watch a video AD campaign rather than reading plain texts. This is the reason why video apps are catching up so fast these days.
  4. Brands that do not follow cross device marketing strategies are more likely fail against their competition.
  5. Did you know that blogs have more influence over purchasing decisions in comparison to newspapers?
  6. According to statistics it has been found that company that regularly update their blocked sites gets 5 times more traffic than the others. If you want to increase your website traffic then you can take help from the Traffic Masters.

From the above mentioned facts, it can be concluded that online advertisement is a big affair and it has a long way to go in this modern world.

Why An Optimized Website Designed By Way Fx Is Necessary For Your Business  

The advancement of the virtual web led to a development of a new form of advertisement called digital advertisement. As days are passing by, the dependence on the internet is increasing and this result in the further growth of digitized advertisement. Nowadays almost all the leading companies have their official websites where people can know about them easily.

Why spend on designing a website?

But having a website is not sufficient. It needs to be properly designed and optimized so that the number of hits generated online can be improved. A layman may not understand the concept of online hits. When we search for something on Google several results are displayed onscreen. When we click on any of that results hits are generated. The website must be optimized to certain standards so that maximum hits can be generated whichresult in more revenues for the business.

Service provided by Way fx:

There is a website developer named way fx whose UX engineer knows how to do this job perfectly. They claim to design a website with unlimited bandwidth and after a website is completed they carry out a thorough test process. They also claim to deliver exactly what their clients ask from them.

Their official website is a very user-friendly one where any startup owner can easily register themselves and know about the price they charge for their unbeatable service. The website also shows quotes fromdifferent owners whom they have served previously. There are many startup owners who seemed very much satisfied with the service they offered.


The benefits of using their service are it will increase the subscribers of an owner’s website which will help in creating a awareness in people about the existence of such a service and this in return generate more revenue for the business. They also have a provision where the engineers from this agency will work with the owner’s team which will further help to convert more leads faster.

Health benefits from drinking green tea

Most of the people these days are shifting towards green tea from caffeine because of their proven health benefits. If you are planning to shed those extra calories or if you are looking forward to remain energetic throughout the day and also improve you overall health, you must start drinking green tea. Mentioned below are some of the major benefits of drinking green tea.

  • Green tea makes you smarter

There are certain compounds in green tea which can activate your brain cells and make you smarter. A lot of people binge on green tea because they want to be awake but, this health drink does more than that and who would not like to get smarter, isn’t it?

  • Rich in antioxidants

Green tea is naturally rich on antioxidants and this can help you to keep your skin healthy without any makeup. Being beautiful inside out can now be made easy. Start drinking green tea for a younger looking skin.

guatemala - times

  • Weight loss

Green tea is known to increase the overall metabolism of the body by burning the excess fat. If you are a health freak, do not forget to add green tea from as part of your diet.  There are a lot of people who have lost weight by sipping green tea regularly.

  • Fights cancer

Because of the antioxidants present in green tea, it is known to have some resistance against the cancerous cells and prevents you from developing cancers like prostate, breast and many other cancers. This is quite a health benefit isn’t it?

  • Prevents brain related disorders

Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s can be kept at bay when you are drinking green tea from Guatemala-times and this is possible with the help of catechin compounds that are loaded in green tea.

Are you using the Health Savings Account properly?

The field of healthcare is becoming expensive day by day and if you want to pay your medical expenses then you need to save a lot and having an insurance is a must. Among them, hsa contribution is one of the most efficient ways of opting for health plans. HSA will cover several plans and will only enable certain kinds of people to opt for this account so in order to check whether you are using it in a proper way or not go through the points that are mentioned below.

  1. Opening an account: This is definitely a no-brainer because you will have to open an account to opt for this health savings. More than 20 million people are eligible for HAS, but only some of them can open the account. The other will be eligible for the health insurance policies but have somehow failed to open their own account. So for opting for this thing, you will have to open the account to incur the medical expenses. After opening the account you will have to put some fund of at least one dollar and then you will have to add some more money depending on your requirements.

hsa contribution limits mid - year

  1. Making the contribution: Making the contribution is very important because a tax will be deducted when you will make the contribution of $3,400 for the singles and $ 6750 for the families. If you are withdrawing any money for any sort of nonmedical expenses, then you will have to pay all the income taxes at the current rate.

This hsa contribution limits mid-year is present that will be set by the IRS. Anyone can make the contribution on your part and there will be the hsa contribution limits partial year. It has a lot of benefits so make sure you are making an account for escaping expensive medical expenses.